SHAYKEH is a Persian name of a thorny shrub and the gum of which is called Astragalus Sarcocolla and it has an important use in ointments and healing wounds. The brand  was registered by Shayan Nami Gostar Company (SNG Co.) official office in Tehran in 2020.

SNG strategic main business line is started in trade of various types of perfumes by means of supply under our official trademark in this field in Iran.

One of the most important fundamental measures of our brand is supplying raw materials for the production of perfumes from reputable famous brands across the world in the international trade. As the first step, the company succeeded in supplying essential oils from one of the most reputable Switzerland companies producing perfume ingredients in the world. Subsequently our another effective measure is providing packaging supplies in accordance with perfumes international trade standards.

We have also tried to market our products with the highest quality in fully mechanized formulation facilities.