• What is it?

“Love is not an emotion, it’s your very existence.”

Attractive. Desirable. Fascinating. Now is the time to start a love story and a new feeling, when the feeling of being in love manifests itself with an enchanting, seductive and charming smile. This is a love game. A game that requires a playground to search for a sense of romance. It is an indescribable and sweet combination of raspberry, rose, vanilla and musk for women with a new sense of a love life. “Absorb my heart if you can.”
This is the second emotion.


  • The story of a fragrance

The fascinating combination of raspberry, vanilla and black grapes with roses, peonies and jasmine are so sweet that it revives a sense of love for life in a person. Its woody notes and musk have greatly contributed to the creation of a special love for the person and the special.

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  • Top notes: Blackcurrant, Jasmine, Peony
  • Middle notes: Raspberry, Rose
  • Base notes: Cedar Wood, Musk, Vanilla
  • Gender: Her
  • Style: Charming, Mischievous, Desirable
  • Mood: Romantic, Love, Ambitious, Interest
  • Season: Fall | Winter
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