• What is it?

“To find your angels, trust your inner voice and intuition.”

“Call Me The Angel” with a scent full of elegance and beauty, takes a brief look at the realm of charm. The woman with her secrets and intuition, turns her into a dazzling and charming angel. What is her secret? Who is she? Only the dust of it reveals everything.


  • The story of the birth of a fragrance

This perfume is presented as a mesmerizing scent with white flowers, Italian winter lemon, green tea leaves, cranberry, jasmine, peony, woody notes and patchouli and induce a sense of freshness and specialness.

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  • Top notes: Lemon, Tea, Cranberry
  • Middle notes: Jasmine, Lily, Peony
  • Base notes: Patchouli and Woody Notes.
  • Gender: Her
  • Style: Soft, Fresh
  • Mood: Crisp, Unique, Exhilarating
  • Season: Fall | Winter
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